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30th December 2020

27th December 2020

As Norfolk is now in the new Tier 4, it means The Morley Village & Sports Hall has had to close again.


Just as everyone was beginning to get their sanity back the Virus threw us a curved ball, and mutated. The Virus has done this before, but this mutation seems to have given it the ability to spread more easily. This has meant that our “new” way of living is apparently obsolete and another “new” way must be found.

If our Politicians are to be believed we cannot “live our lives” for fear of overrunning the NHS. A very sad situation we will have to endure until enough of us are vaccinated. Roll on the summer !!!


Although the formal Government Tier Review is on December 30th, nothing is likely to change for Norfolk. Presumably, the next full review will be at the end of January, so I guess The Morley Village & Sports Hall will be closed until then at least.


The good news is that the outdoor takeaway Street Food Events will continue. Click below to see which Street Food is available and when – don’t forget some Street Foods require you to phone your order through first.

As per the Government announcement today Norfolk will stay in Tier 4.

Follow this link to see what this means:

This will next be reviewed on 16th January 2021. For some reason, this new Mutant Virus is running amuck in Norfolk.


Regrettably this means the Morley Village & Sports Hall will remain closed for at least the next 2 weeks.